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Sex Stories Of India

• 2016-Dec-19 - The Village Sex story

I am in what I do only so Chudkd at the age of 18, had killed her pussy to my boyfriend. ass small figure dressed made me feel good, because it is evident Menra for my father is a businessman, a housewife mother Mary is a factory in our house Ikloti for my freedom, I am the girl so now comes the story one day I came home from the college. Come and sit at the dining table in. I am going to the market to shop where mother and I went to the mother and the market for the money to go there in the first parlor Wakes I got on my hands and limbs and has a smooth back and made his hair style and facial orchestrated then the mother came home with the clothes he had to go all Tayrian. A week before the wedding, so we were going hand in marriage is over and we have stuff like that Peck was Tayrio night. was. Then Mom and Dad were ready and we left our car for the village, our village is far from the city which is about 4 hours journey. I was happy to hear that after 10 minutes we reached his village home in that house for my uncle (age 40 years) and Tai Ji (50 years old) for my uncle's daughter was married and lived. The village house was very big at all, like a mansion. go there and went to the bathroom in the room was stripped and bare, and I began to soap her boobs all over the place and then the rest came slowly down the soap when I put the pussy pussy then Mary Mary's pussy began to itch and the fire was put Roxy to be telling me to calm me some. 10 minutes after I left the water and cool my Menne has been out of the bathroom and washed his clothes and put on T-shirts cast Menne green colored skirt ass Mary was very visible on the outside. the choke was then taken up in full Godkmenri Ohhhh My Panty semen (cum water) was wet with semen for my hands and began to chip whose work may have started thinking of who Mary Who wants to kill this thing was in the pussy can Knfughd Menne and went out of his way Panty washed and cleaned. When I came out of the bathroom, then stood outside Menne aunt aunt aunt asked for my aunt who had come after bathing in the bathroom where not know why what happened to her daughter. Where some Menne not just like poo
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• 2016-Dec-19 - Father-in-law's thick cock

I am married 2 years ago, when the story today I came with new in-laws. worship me crying daughter in law's voice was coming from his room thinking the matter some thought Lgau sound hole of the view from the room was. Tommy started putting a strong Chuddkd Dkke man and his worship was giving my ass bounce bounce me out of there at all and has not been seen! Then there came out a little later ...... worship Tommy came out. NEED pills mixed in her milk, she went to sleep at night to drink milk an hour later the father-in-law's room, shook him but he was not waking up to now he has not got it in Haile I'll take them to the NADA opened Kcce removed his cock and looked surprised ...... Sun fell asleep almost 5 Ic will lengthen his cock again in my pussy was Dodne Sent Chitia came into my mind, I see it longitudinally I was mad then started sucking like! Put a finger inside my pussy started out ...... while doing so Pania my pussy was now my father-in-law come between limbs and began to lick my pussy Zoro I shall get my water, I do not want Lund hand caught in the father-in law and father-in-law began to swing back and forth at this time, a thick iron rod Like cock seemed suddenly father-in-law and my wet pussy cock in his hand caught on the rash began rubbers Father in law of love began sucking my lips again began to lick my pussy and began moving his tongue in my pussy, my pussy rash suddenly placed on his tongue and was tightly suck. Sibilance of my mouth came out loud "... not Suck Uii ...... ...... ...... ......... and mother." I told the father-in-law, father-in-law, my pussy very bores me, me! It is very itchy Mcti! Something has to be ripped my pussy was also a little afraid in Jvegi looking at the face of my father-in-law sensed love and fun Duga said he found no other multi Tujre today not nervous not Chudwaogi cocks! "But the father-in-law today you fuck my pussy so that the sister should be quiet:" Father in law to hear the running multi kinda smiled and took longer to cock sucking mouth! Lund already had iron rod Like I now sucking cock
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• 2016-Dec-19 - Aunt's Sexy Ass

I took aunt's ass | ... .My uncle Govinda, who used to work in a company was newly married, his wife Gauri and the cracker material will be 23-24 years, uncle, it's with us in Brodha but now been transferred Rhete Bhopal | Bhopal Chachane a truck to carry all our luggage taken nakki, aunt told me I should go with these people so that they also cast new few days, it was my college so I got ready with the Holidays to | me, uncle and aunt went with three trucks, and two uncles were sitting next to the driver in the back of the truck, aunt put a mattress there for Betne comfortable and we both sat up today | Youth jumping in the car to run in full aunt was looking straits of my cock had her jumping Chunche | We came out of the 6 pm and dinner we Brodha MP close to the border shall be eaten, in the darkness of the night was now becoming rampant | Chuncho to hit, man ... Wow were soft Chunche! Now the paint began to knock at my cock | Chuncho as soon as I hit my aunt and uncle had looked, I saw the light of the aunt smile on his lips that failed, I would have liked it to aunt | Now all the little holes in the intentionally started hitting him in the face and sometimes collides with Aunt | My heart opened, so there was hardly any food truck was going to stop now and you will get this time too .. stayed! It also appeared from behind the pile scope Trkki cabin baggage was over by the window cover | I now run my hand is triggered, remove the pits, I aunt Chunche hand rather slowly Sensex hand placed on his ass took over and gave his Chuncho as soft ass Shela | Aunt took a long breath and he bids | I now hand over the running Gandke triggered and aunt pulled the sheet to cover her body | But not out of the will meant aunt, coverlet ... inside! I now hand the aunt took the ass and started pressing her sexy tight boobs, aunt did not speak passer Dkko truck he had been too excited | I Chuncho emerging aunt and aunt were now pressing even harder Light Siskaria light turned out, the aunt also came to offer her hand to prolong and took my cock in his hand | I removed the shirt's aunt, her breasts over the bra itself triggered the sucking aunt helped me and opened my bra breast without the hook removed from the top of one side of her breast, it came out, in the rush, at the mouth of the nipple began to Chusai | Aunt was brushing my cock with one hand and pressed my forehead was on my breast, my aunt opened Nadhe and slow down to put his Ijar | Chachine coverlet right knee and pulled her Ijar Lee | He had my cock with one hand still holding | Cocks was quite taut and now had to clean | Aunt lay on the dice and his intention was to put the cock in her pussy, but I was more interested in her ass and she'll do what I knew today would be, so I pulled my hand over her ass little Thunk Thunk and rub it over the hole to put | Aunt saw me, and he had to laugh | Aunt laughed and I hung around longer cocks her ass hole, his ass was tight and heated | I have been slowly beginning to intrude inside cocks ass, truck, still in shock was hitting was having trouble putting the cock, then you Chachine Thunk taken by mouth to mouth and cocks cocks hemlines of sewage Briefly Sru to be closer to his hard ass, Thunk greasiness of experience and aunt went into the cocks ass, I suffered from the problem of push, because aside from my aunt and my ass was moving towards lifting the truck began to push. Some will have 2-3 minutes of cocks in the ass my cock began to drive semen, semen was inside her aunt's ass came out Gandke Panty Chachine was wearing the semen tail ...! I get a lot of fun today, then give him the ass the Bhopal went our sex and continued the fun of ass, uncle and uncle's laptop at work are watching their movies on Blu Moj Rhete fun ... Only then when I Bhopal Baroda aunt came back and I both were sick ....
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• 2016-Dec-19 - Sex with Step sister before My marriage

Hallo guys, my name is king and in my 25 years of age and live in Delhi. In my family, mother, father, a brother and am in. 5 years ago, in front of my house a new family house shifted. Uncle-aunty in their family and their 2 children, 42-year-old uncle and aunt was 40 years old. His 15-year-old girl and the boy was 12 years old. Aunt was very beautiful in appearance, and then saw them, they went crazy. Aunt was named limit, she was very fair and his height was also good, full body light, but he could not say fat, their boobs Size, about 38 of which had little floppy, but their bodies seem cool Were. Waist Size, and was around 36 most beautiful aunt had his ass, his ass was the Size, 40, so they figure it was amazing. Men standing nearby saw them was cock And why not? It was so beautiful aunt. In those days, and in the final year Grejuyeshn Rose was Thlta evening in your balcony. Aunt often came to my balcony, so I saw them secretly. Now our Njhre had been several times, he had become a good friend of my mother and my aunt had begun to come home. Now the aunt and her children had been mixed, the aunt's husband was often out for work. Auntie was going home after a day shopping and then I got in the way, I stopped my bike and aunt were seated. So now the way whenever the brake think aunt boobs were pressed on my back. Now I was starting to have fun, do things the way we came. And drop them in the house came home that night, I remember the scene with the bike and hit the Mut and slept pretty much semen extracted. Now excuse to play with their children came to the aunt's house. Play-Play now sees the aunt and the aunt was also the matter had Notis. Smile now also be used to give aunt. One day news came that Uncle was killed in the accident. Then after the funeral ceremony in his home, and his uncle's home, went on pension. Then slowly aunt was normal and he was shifted to Ahmedabad with their children. Then by chance and very happy in my job was started in Ahmedabad, then arrived in Ahmedabad. Now get off my aunt was supposed to start again, so I was feeling happy aunt. One day I called the aunt and her courage to express his love and he proposed marriage, was shocked to hear that the aunt and started scolding me on the phone, I told you I did not have the aunt I will take poison. Then Auntie was convincing me that this is wrong, and it may not be your aunt, and he hung up. After that I did not even call him, but then he got a call after 4 days and she started asking you now why not come home? So I hung up the phone without answered. Then he called me several times, but I did not. Aunt came to my house the next day and then I wrap my throat as soon as he opened the door and started crying and said that I was responsible for my children in, you can get married to? So I told my wife I will make you and your child were also my responsibility to handle them, they'll love the Father. Aunt Sarah was hug me and I said I love you. Then a month later, the two of us and two children went to the temple, looked amazing in a red sari border. Fare conducted and were married by the priest again. Then we all went home in my house had a room for children with flowers and the punishment had its own bedroom. Now night had enough room so the children went to bed and was in his bedroom over the border. Then I said I love you to the limit, he also gave me the reply. Then he touched my feet so I hugged her own. Then he told us today that everything is yours, will fulfill your every wish. Then I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her and then he put his arms on my shoulders Lee. Then I put my lips on her lips as she Sharmakr 5-6 seconds behind his lips, but where was going to believe in today. Then I grabbed him by the waist and tight and our lips met again. Then we lips sucked each other for about 10 minutes and then stood behind her and kiss her neck and behind her was pressing her big boobs. Her sob came out and there was now my cock was already standing in the pajamas and was trying to break into her ass. Then I slowly took off her sari and her big boobs Size, the mast came out of her blouse. Then I raised the limit in his arms and sit on her bed and what he did. Then I slowly opened the frame hooks blouse and removed her blouse. Now the bra she was looking amazing, so I thought out loud, pressing her boobs. Then I took off my clothes and got naked. Now I was scared seeing big cocks. The story you guys are hitting on sexuality is dot com. Then I too late by not unloaded her petticoat and I also took off her bra and Panty, her boobs were beautiful, was not a single hair on her pussy. Then I would have let his cock in her mouth so she stopped me and she began to refuse to take into the mouth.
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• 2016-Dec-19 - Friend's Sister became the victim of My cock

Hallo guys, my name is light and my age is 20 years. the victim of his cock, but before I ever thought it was because he was an incident which happened to me and I to the girl next to the prime of life of fun and now they listen to the story. Friends of those days when it was 18 and knew very few things about sex. I looked very sexy sexy films out stories Mut dead calm your fire. Then at that time was a very staunch friend and a sister, whose name was Jhuber was stained and she was very beautiful in appearance. Boobs raised her fair complexion, white cheeks, pink lips and her body looks every organ I am also very attractive from the outside and the size of her figure was 36-26-36. Well, he looks like his mother was completely the same as her mother was very hot sexy. Our paper had been completed at that time and we were holidaying summer. is. Then went into a nearby store, and in soap making soap by bringing it home to give Sanaa came aunt told me that she went to take a shower and go to the bathroom you give him the soap. The aunt was doing some work on the roof and in front of them stood a very decent and nice guy. I did not even dream of thinking which he was found. Friends now go to the bathroom, I take the stained the soap, but I got no response while on the stand and waited quietly in the same way, but suddenly started screaming and he immediately opened the door, mingled with the he embraced me and has come out now. His grip was so strong on my body because of which were subordinated to touch her boobs and her breath in my body was moving very fast. Then when I asked him what happened to her so suddenly you're so scared you're clinging to me and come out? rid of, if not go inside. Then I say to him as he and I drove from there to the lizard and then a shower and went to the bathroom. walked with me. Then I covered in my room after I called and put a cartoon on TV in the bath, which she went and sat down and started watching. Then after a while I found out that I had forgotten to bring it with you so Tavl out of the bathroom in my room and then I saw the stained Tvl come to replace now that cartoon movie on one channel and a good sexy I watched him for a while. He did not notice me at all quiet in my work and went out the back, but that was not at all in my mind to go out. The story you guys are hitting on sexuality is dot com. looking across the Siskiya. That my friends, very surprised to hear this, and the color of his face was blown and he was telling me his troubles clearly that you please quote me, do not say anything to my mother and brother would kill me otherwise. Then I asked him what it is that you only see the same scene or something
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• 2016-Dec-19 - Enjoyment of playful sex

Hallo friends, today you talk about sex at all your Life, which I made with their playful sister. My name is Varun and color Gaura and am a resident of Gwalior. The game is a lot of interest in me, my age is 23 years. I had no idea of ?€‹?€‹sexuality dot com site, then a friend of mine told me that all the people of your sex stories to write, so I thought why not also in his first experience of a life do you all share. Now first let me tell about your sister. Waif Tauji my sister who is my brother's boy. My sister in law and my sister 30 years of age quite blonde color. His figure is 36-28-36 and Feskt very nice, blonde, white body, smooth waist, huge ass and big boobs. Lund then take a look at them and shall stand and move their injured anyone like this, that's what hip-shaking moves? The mind does just that. I only live a short distance in front of my house is Tauji. Tauji and Taiji first floor living and never get out of the house, his door is also different. Then come straight night 10 Bjhe, so goes to the law, so that they do not bore my mind and thought. Wear saris in her home, which she looks very hot and sexy, and his brother has been married for 4 years and has a baby after the baby while he is yet to be maintaining. Size, 6 inches of my cock and now I will tell you how Choada law? The thing 2 years ago when I was 21 years old and will be 28-year-old sister. Now you can tell everybody that my sister get along well. She married for 2 years so I did not see them from the evil eye. Then gradually I began to interest them. Now he seems to be seeing my cock was standing. I've never even had sex was so afraid of all these things. And I was determined to fuck her. Now every day was like a day at the home of her brother had gone to the shop. The time was around 11 Bjhe. Tauji Taiji were up, they come down very low and only come down if you have a job or put voice to the law. Now the law was cooking in the kitchen and was talking to them in the same stand. Now my eyes were not turned away from them, when the law was wearing a red sari. Now, he was sweating in the kitchen, which he was looking and sexy. Then I saw my cock his back turned, so did not look in her red sari? They are like angel. Now put down a few dishes and some stuff happened when he bent down, then stood behind them. Now my 6 inch cock at his ass in jeans full body, and I felt a bit awkward and the pain began to Lund, but I have control. She then got up and started to roll the bread and my mind was still in the kitchen clutching her shall Chod. Now how control was friends? In the know. white-white and soft. Now my cock and turned steely and began to get out Mclne. Then a few seconds in the lift and my look was in her boobs. Then he picked up the ruptured cylinder, so he took me Notis. Now my condition had worsened and he immediately went to the bathroom and took his cock out and moving. Now I felt shaken and then cocks Cocks was normal. After cooking in the law and came into their bedroom TV May see. Now the baby was sleeping. Then all of a sudden you have a girlfriend, he asked? So I refused. She then asked him why not? So I did not find anyone like you said, all had the same in college, he started to laugh Only by 'Smile, Smile so I gave them. Now we were both lying on the bed and she was at my side and TV And was watching TV She was on the side. Now his ass was on my side, because they turn the TV Was watching. Now rolled into the upright and seeing his ass Far hand was on his cock. Then I thought of doing this is having so much fun, then fuck her in the heavens shall find. Suddenly, at the hands of the law fired and he cocks Farte probably saw me, so I immediately panicked and began running mobile. Then he started saying that what you're doing with 'Smile? I told him that I was afraid, and then nothing else. They turn the TV again Begun to see, there's TV I was looking around and watching blue film in his cell and was watching his sexy hips and ass. Now my hand at Lund walked so fast that there was a loss. Then gently lift and put his hands on cocks just ran towards the bathroom. She then said what? It seemed to me that the law is probably the right time to me when you leave the room and put his hands on cocks saw, but you come suddenly stopped my semen, perhaps due to fear. Okay then, I thought, otherwise the fun gets worse. She came back in the room again was very nervous, because I had to hurry with blue film was left open folder and she was seeing it. Now he was scared a??,?™ Definitions of a- article
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